About This Blog

First of all, this is no place for kids. As much as I like to hear that children are reading – even if it IS on the internet – they probably shouldn’t be reading here. This is why: This blog is mostly about sex, and other seriously adult topics. I am a hedonist to the core, and I don’t believe that people should ever stop pushing the boundaries when it comes to sexual experience, as long as both parties are consenting adults (unless it’s finding fun new ways to masturbate).

Although I’m not a lifestyle submissive, I do enjoy bondage and discipline, and I can also be a switch, although domination really isn’t my thing. So there will probably be a lot about the intense pleasure of being taken, of being dominated, of giving your control over to your dom. However, pretty much all aspects of human sexuality intrigue me, at the very least, and more than likely will turn me on. So it’s going to be varied. I’ll also be posting short erotic stories on the “Bedtime Stories” page.

I’m hoping to start a dialogue with my readers, so I encourage you to comment on posts or contact me. I’d love to hear suggestions for posts, and it would be great to get some of you to write guest posts.

I truly hope this blog is not only entertaining, but informative. If you enjoy it, please follow and share. Thank you for reading my little corner of the interworld.